Lancia di Lancia

Lancia di Lancia is a child of passion born from the collaboration of four Italian companies: Sacs, Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Martini, and Lancia. Its unique identity is a result of mixing styles, characteristics, and experience from the leading brands. The fast and sleek outlook of this rib is inspired by the look of the luxury sports cars. It reflects speed, adrenalin and a pure pleasure one might get when handling this marine predator. Those who prefer night cruise adventures will love the red LED lamps illuminating the way through the eternal darkness of the night sea. The inner space of the Lancia boat is highly accustomed to your needs. The upper deck features electric capote and shell shaped windscreen. When opened, they create a lot of free space on the deck enhancing its usability. The lower deck space is also customized to the owner’s needs and comfort. There is a big dinner table and sofa which can be easily converted into a large comfortable double bed. As every SACS boat, meticulous attention is paid to each of the smallest details. Lancia di Lancia for sale is a rib with a strong identity and impressive technical specs. Aggressive, fast, and empowered with Fiat engines, Lancia di Lancia will make you the only one visible in the sea.


Abarth Powershore boat from SACS is the rib with a dominant character and strong identity. Its design is a result of the close partnership between Christian Grande and Fiat Centre of Style. These two leading design agencies came up with an incredibly sleek and elegant outlook which cannot stay unnoticed in any waters. The combination of the best materials and keen attention to the comfort on board make the Abarth Powershore a dream come true for perfectionists. Big sun pads are located on the bow and the stern of the rib. Their total square is up to 8 meters which is a generous space for relaxing sunbathe. The all-round cockpit offers a comfortable sofa and a sun top covering guests from the unwanted sun rays or wind. Fully equipped kitchen features a removable table, fridge, and sink. All elements of the interior design are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials and with a high sense of elegance and style. SACS Abarth Powershore Boat is available in four distinctive colors of the actual Abarth cars range. Abarth Powershore Boat review is not complete without mentioning its impeccable technical characteristics. This rib is a real sea beast. Equipped with three Yamaha engines and propulsion, it has a cruising speed of 48 knots and can develop a maximum of 62 knots.

Tributo Ferrari

Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari is a unique rib. Its creation is a result of a close partnership between SACS and Abarth brands. To highlight its exceptionality, SACS produced a really limited edition of this tender in the amount of only 199 boats, which makes Sacs Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari an exclusive boat for exclusive owners. Such a limit is justified as Ferrari Abarth model offers an exquisite design, technical specs, and concept of comfort which simply cannot be available for everyone. This rib is designed to underline status and power; it reflects the unstoppable thrive for quality in every life aspect. This luxury tender is perfect for huge mega yachts and can sneak into narrow bay areas. Just like any other SACS models, it features an uncompromised quality and keen attention to the smallest details. The boat is empowered with the hydrojet engine which helps to develop a speed up to 40 knots. It is equipped with removal tubes which can be changed without any additional efforts in case of damage Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari for sale is available in the same range of colors the original Abarth cars are. Those are Corsa Red, Modena Yellow, Abu Dhabi Blue, and Titanio Grey. If you are looking for a fast-floating Ferrari, contact our dealers for more information about this rib.

Yaguar XT8

SACS Jaguar XT8 adopts the speed and style of the Jaguar sports car. 8-meters in length, this rib offers the unbeatable level of comfort and safety, flavored with sleek look and ability to run at almost extreme speeds. The rib is designed by Christian Grande, as most of the SACS ribs, but Jaguar XT8 manages to reflect the best design solutions taken from the actual Jaguar car. Jaguar XT8 has delicate upholsteries, refined dashboard, dynamic air intakes in steel, and initials on the stern which recall the Jaguar brand’s signature. The amazing design is completed with a top-notch level of comfort SACS is famous for. The boat features all possible things you might only wish for having on the board of this truly luxurious rib. SACS Jaguar XT8 boat price includes large sunbathing areas making it possible to indulge oneself in the revitalizing therapy of the sun and the sea. Extended living areas feature delicate finishing and high-quality materials so one can easily rest after a joyful cruising day. High speed and impeccable technical characteristics are just the icing on the cake. If a perfect rib exists, SACS Jaguar XT8 will be its name.

Abarth Derivazione

SACS Abarth Derivazione is a luxury sports-rib for those who do not look for compromise between speed, quality, and comfort. First presented in 2011, the rib has quickly won the hearts of the high-speed lovers. Abarth Derivazione is 9,75 meters in length and features a generous space to have the most exciting cruise experience. Its upper deck offers a plenty of sitting space for the guests at its wrap-around sofa. The lateral protections over the tubular ensure an ultimate level of safety and comfort when driving at extreme speeds. The whole layout and design of the boat are developed to grant a safe and comfortable sailing under any weather conditions and at any cruising speed. The design project is a piece of art crafted for SACS by Christian Grande, who has highlighted the sports identity of the boat with a sleek and aggressively looking console. The rib is available in the same color range that original Abarth cars are. Some elements of its outlook are closely aligned with Powershore style. SACS Abarth Derivazione is empowered with twin outboard engines exclusively made by Yamaha for this model, featuring 250 horse powers.


The SBO project is a result of the collaboration between SACS and London-based studio Coppoletta designs. Together they craft totally customized solutions for each rib within the project. This unusual partnership fulfills the needs and wants of the most demanding owners. Now you do not need to look for a boat to assert your personality, but you can create the one for you. Starting from the colors to the customized tubulars, equipment and finishing – you can choose and change every small part of your rib, shape its unique identity to specifically match your unique personality. The only thing that remains untouchable and uncompromised is the SACS great care for quality materials and highlights on the safety. The refined concept of the rib manufacturing is about to change the whole perception of ribs. This innovative approach is just as much exclusive as the owners of the SBO project ribs.
Hans Lengers
Hans Lengers
The Netherlands