About SACS

Experience the best for pleasure cruising with SACS

SACS has been a leading manufacturer of the rigid inflatable boat since 1989. Founded in Milan, its Italian origin is well-reflected in sleek lines, the thought-out space planning, and luxury look.
Uncompromised quality standards, cutting edge technical solutions, and purposeful design are the core values of Sacsmarine DNA.
From its rise brand put great efforts and investments into continuous researches. The restless investigation into new products, constant rethinking and innovation of technical details and non-stop work at the flawless look assure the maximum level of pleasure boating.
Today SACS produces boats in three main lines: Sport Class, Top Class, and Individual Class, or Special Editions. By virtue of its high performance and look, Sacs boats are often used as tenders at the luxury megayachts.
Despite the line and the model, all SACS boats are lightly weighted, ergonomically constructed of top-notch materials, with vast floor space, sunbathing area, and swim platforms. It is in SACS philosophy to combine superior performance with things that give joy, physical and aesthetic pleasure.
SACS yachts are the boats of choice for the most demanding quality seekers. More than a vessel, they are reliable companions to assist strong individuals in their maritime pursuits.
We are the official dealer of Sacs boats. Check available Sacs Marine for sale and find the boat to assert your personality.


Let’s forget the common way of thinking that identify the Rib like a boat with a tube around it and focus on the real essence of a Sacs inflatable boat, with its original design, the peculiarity of the hull and waterlines, the distribution of the spaces on board that nothing have to share with a common boat. Unsinkability, seaworthiness, low center of weight, performing hull, light weigh are some of the main features that translate into performance, safety, comfort and practicality of use and that make the rib the preferred choice for military and commercial application worldwide. The Sacs philosophy is to offer to the pleasure boater a versatile boat that combine the performance of the best ribs with all those features he need to enjoy a day on water at its best: wide sun bed and swim platforms, comfy living areas, welcoming ambience fitted with any kind of entertainment and comfort.


The growing attraction for this kind of boat, which is linked to its rapidity of usage, exciting per-formances and extreme reliability, has prompted us to look for innovative solutions, especially to-wards shipowners who require distinctive, unique, features.
Thus was born Sacs Bespoke Operations (SBO), our specialized division for the development of custom made exclusive products: a truly one-off experience.


Every Sacs boat comes from a careful project, carried out by our engineering department, in collaboration with designer Christian Grande, with whom exists a well-established relationship since years.
Engineering stage utilizes CAD/CAM technology based on software PRO/EN and interfaced with milling cutting machine.

Maximum care for details

Sacs has gained the leadership in the maxi rib segment thank to the capacity to customize its models to match the requested and meet the taste of the most demanding customers.

One equip of skilled professional guide the owners in the boat configuration process from the color scheme definition to the selection of materials and the choice of the options more suitable to their needs.